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1. What is the Tennis Footwork Mat ©?

The Tennis Footwork Mat © is a methodology created by Sports Professionals that develops key athletic skills in a fun, simple and structured way.

2. What kinds of key skills does it develop?

Sensomotor coordination, balance, precision, speed, proprioception, mobility, ball control in very reduced spaces, and flexibility among others

3. Besides physical skills, does it develop any cognitive skills?

Yes. Although we have done no research in this area, our clients have informed us that there are certain mental skills that specific Tennis Tennis Footwork Mat © dynamics can develop like better memory, concentration and focus.

4. What age groups is it recommended for?

The suggested age group is for kids seven-years-old and up.

Tennis Tennis Footwork Mat © was developed specifically for kids and youths, but in the development stage it was noted that even older players can benefit from the system by working on missing skills not fully developed in early playing years.

A creative coach may also design sequences and dynamics for very young kids.

5. How can coaches use the Tennis Tennis Footwork Mat ©?

By integrating the Tennis Footwork Mat © with the other drills normally used in training. The Tennis Footwork Mat © can also be used in circuit drills.

6. Can the Tennis Footwork Mat © develop sports skills in other sports?

Yes it can. Feet mobility is crucial in different sports.

7. Where can I purchase the printed manual of the Tennis Footwork Mat © Methodology?

It is available through

8. What intellectual property protects the Tennis Footwork Mat ©

The design of the Tennis Footwork Mat © is a registered trademark in the US and Mexico, that is pending in the European Union.

It also has a design patent granted in the Country of Mexico (No. 32599)

All the graphics and text are copyrighted in the Washington, D.C. Library of Congress

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